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Ch1 Contacts App - VS2013 & Local Database


I am using VS2013 and it appears that Microsoft has put the Local Database stuff into depreciation. Looking around it seems that SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB may be a suitable replacement. Can someone verify this? Anyone gone through this book with VS2013?

I will continue to push forward and post my results here.



zpetersen wrote Jul 5, 2014 at 10:52 PM

Somehow I was missing the "Service-based Database." So far its working out though there are some differences in the GUI with VS2013 compared to other IDE's.

chrono550 wrote Nov 30, 2014 at 9:30 PM

I have the first edition book and it is quite a different experience in VS2013. everything from page 25 to 27 is different. When it started talking about database diagrams, I had to find another way to do the same thing. I ended up following steps in the MSDN. Particularly pay attention to the Update button, it is important.

Also later when it tells you on page 30 to go to the data menu and add new data source, instead you must go to the project menu, add new data source.

Then lastly to view data sources as mentioned on page 32, you must go to View, Other Windows, Data Sources

So far it all seems to be working now.